*All prices are in Tanzanian Shillings

Breakfast Menu

Homemade Granola with Honey and Baobab Cream- 12,000

Fruits Salad With Honey- 10,000

Avocado Toast with Eggs- 8,000

Hummus with Avocado Egg with Chapati- 12,000

Plain Potatoes (fries)- 5,000

Potato Cake with Salad (Zege/ Chips Mayai)- 10,000

Eggs and Toast- choose either Boiled Eggs or Spanish Omelet or Scrambled Eggs- 10,000

KwetuKwenu Breakfast Sandwich- 15,000

Lunch & Dinner MenuĀ 

Beef Burger served with Fries- 22,000

Chicken Burger served with Fries- 22,000

Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich with Chips- 22,000

Kwetu Kwenu Vegetable Curry- 16,000

Kwetu Kwenu Special Chicken Curry served with Steamed Rice- 22,000

Beef Chapati wrap served with Chips, Cheese, and Avocado- 22,000

Stir Vegetables served with the side dish of your choice- either Chips, Rice, or Chapati- 16,000

Stir Chicken or Beef served with a side dish of your choice- either Chips, Fries, or Chapati- 22,000

Special Kwetu Kwenu Chicken Salad with Boiled Eggs- 22,000

Chicken Sandwich with Fries- 20,000

Drinks Menu

Kwetu Kwenu le Caffe

Espresso single- 4,000

Espresso Double- 8,000

Cappuccino- 6,000

Americano- 5,000

Black Coffee- 5,000

French Press Small- 6,000

French Press Big- 12,000

Iced Coffee- 6,000

Kwetu Kwenu Tea

Lemongrass Tea- 3,000

Masala Tea- 5,000

Ginger and LemonGrass- 3,000

Soft Drinks

All Sodas- 2,000

Carrot Ginger Pineapple- 5,000

Ginger Pineapple- 5,000

MangoPassion- 5,000

Tamarind Juice- 3,000

Hibiscus Soda- 4,000

Hibiscus Water- 3,000

Baobab Juice- 3,000

Local Beer

Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, Safari- 5,000


Wine Glass- 8,000

Wine Bottle- 35,000